People appreciate local products. We prefer locally produced food. We appreciate small breweries. We want to choose food trucks over global fast food chains.

The problem is that local products are hard to find. You can't find them in most stores.

You could find local products from specialty stores and outdoor markets but visiting them is inconvenient for most us.


Creme is a marketplace app for customers and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs can offer and promote their products. Customers can browse products and make purchases.

What sets Creme apart from other marketplaces is the central role of location. Offers have predefined delivery locations and times. Customer browses products based on their location and time.


Creme is at prototype level. Next, we want to build MVP and test it with food co-ops in Helsinki region.

In the next phase we will add new features, like home delivery option and gain experience in foreign markets.

The ultimate goal is to disrupt retailing by creating a new way to do local business.